Our Services

Let our consultants provide their expertise in the following fields.


Analyzing data for community-wide solutions

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Supplementing academic needs for all

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Promoting the welfare of the community

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Strategic planning for community development

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Clinical Services

Addressing the mental health needs of many

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Welcome to READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc

Psychosocial Evaluation in Irvington, New Jersey

We have been in service for 18 years, offering professional support in the fields of research, education, advocacy, community development, and mental health outpatient services. As a source of professional consulting and clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey, we extend our aid to people of all backgrounds. Contact us now!

Why Choose READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc

You can always count on our 18 years of practice in the industry. Since our foundation, our goal has always been to uphold the well-being of every client as we promote better community services. We take part in creating positive growth for all members of the community.

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