Barriers to Education that Students in Haiti Encounter

Barriers to Education that Students in Haiti Encounter

Students who are living in developing countries like Haiti encounter several barriers to education. Increasing access to education not only educates young minds but also benefits the entire nation at large. Studies show that increased access to education can lead to economic growth, better health and longevity, and even contribute to fighting climate change.

As a provider of home base counseling services, we will discuss the major barriers to education that students in Haiti encounter:

  • Lack of training.
    An important factor in high-quality education is having well-trained teachers. Teaching effectiveness is vital for students to learn the skills they need to pursue higher levels of education. Without proper training, teachers are less effective in providing students with proper education.
  • Substandard infrastructures.
    Without the appropriate environment, students are unable to learn essential skills. Moreover, many students in Haiti lack access to valuable learning resources. This includes internet connection, textbooks, exercise sheets, and similar. Outdated, worn-out learning materials are also sparse and are shared with several students at a time.
  • Exclusion of children with disabilities.
    Although education is a universal right, many disabled children are unable to attend school. In developing countries similar to Haiti, approximately 95% of children with disabilities are not enrolled in school. A lack of training in inclusive teaching, as well as poverty, are contributing factors. Services like a psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey are lacking and creates a barrier to education.

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