Strategic planning for community development
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READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc mobilizes people and resources to forge community development. Our team initiates strategic activities to facilitate job creation, community program initiatives, housing, health care provision to minorities, elevation of nutritional standards, environmental protection, and community security.

We take every opportunity for growth to enrich the lives of people of various backgrounds. On-going communication keeps us connected to them and in alert about their needs. For effective planning, we create forums where leaders, community members, public officials, and representatives from the private sectors can meet and collaborate.

READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc is expanding its practice beyond borders to Haiti. This initiative is to assist families residing in remote regions in that country to secure sustainable housing and for children of all ages to obtain a formal education. Planning for housing development and school construction is in working progress.

Through these and more, we hope to achieve many goals to decrease poverty, revitalize communities, and improve people’s lives.

Learn more about this service by calling 848-667-9242. To get started, please request a conference.

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