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READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc is dedicated to establishing a practice in conducting behavioral and social sciences research. The goals are to nurture social change and pursue long-term positive effects to benefit people and to strengthen the community. Our research focuses on various issues that are pertinent to all individuals regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, to families, to immigrants, to social groups, and to a range of sectors in various communities.

In conducting research, we use diverse methods of inquiry to gather data. We uphold the integrity of all parties involved. Ultimately, the aim of our research is to foster results-driven solutions to benefit humanity.

Print and audio publications of our studies are available in multiple languages.

Research Document

An Examination of the Cores of Illiteracy in Haiti

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  • English (Print Version)
  • French (Print Version)
  • Haitian Creole (Print Version)
  • English (Audio Version)
  • French (Audio Version)
  • Haitian Creole (Audio Version)

Cost: $19.99 (Purchase via PayPal)

Learn more about this service by calling 848-667-9242. To get started, please request a conference.

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