Discover the Reality of Education in Haiti

Discover the Reality of Education in Haiti

Education equips children with the tools and knowledge they need to forge their own path and succeed in the world. Despite its importance, many developing countries like Haiti experience several barriers to education. According to UNICEF, roughly 30% of children attending primary school do not make it to third grade, with 60% of children dropping out of school before sixth grade.

As a leading provider of clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey, we will discuss facts about the reality of education in Haiti and those information will help educators and clinicians understand the problems Haitian immigrant students have been through in their country and how to better service them. Below are useful information to be aware of:

  • Private schools
    The majority of schools in Haiti are privately run, which means they are usually run by religious organizations, for-profit institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Due to this, most schools require a tuition fee, which is a barrier to many Haitian families in the country.
  • Lack of proper funding
    Lack of funding is another factor that affects the quality of education in Haiti, which includes a lack of proper infrastructures and access to valuable resources like a psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey. In Haiti, nearly 80% of teachers have not received any pre-service training, with half of the public sector teachers lacking basic qualifications.
  • Rising enrollment rates
    Despite this, there has been a rise in enrollment rates in Haiti, indicating the importance of education in the country. With proper funding and improved access to educational resources, Haiti can potentially increase literacy rates over time.

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