Education in Haiti: A Problem that Needs a Solution

Education in Haiti: A Problem that Needs a Solution

An earthquake struck Haiti, a Caribbean country, several years ago. It claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey were a huge need for many individuals affected by this calamity.

Apart from this devastating January 2010 earthquake, political instability is also an issue. Political crises are also the reasons why education is a big problem in Haiti. Other issues that affect education are the following:

  • The Proliferation of Privately-Run Schools
    Since the government does not have enough funds for home base counseling services and educational programs, most schools in the country are run by private organizations. Of course, this means students have to pay for their tuition so that these schools can operate.
  • Poverty
    Poverty is probably the main cause. Not being able to pay for tuition means students cannot go to school. Many individuals only go to school in years where they may have enough money. This leads to losing school years. While the government, along with different groups, are doing something about it, seeing the results may take a long time.
  • Logistical and Transportation Constraints
    Children in remote areas have things hard. Difficulties in transportation may hinder them from going to school every day. Organizations also have trouble transporting materials for infrastructure to faraway areas.

READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc aims to help different groups in designing programs for our Haitian students. We also offer Psychosocial Evaluation in New Jersey.

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