Infrastructure and Quality of Education in Haiti

Infrastructure and Quality of Education in Haiti

The infrastructure in Haiti affects the quality of education that the nation’s students receive. When the country’s infrastructure is of low-quality, providing clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey and education may not be up to par.

How does infrastructure directly affect education? The following are known problems:

  • Logistics

    Logistics is an important component of the infrastructure. Transporting building materials to build infrastructure is necessary for developing buildings, such as schools and clinics providing psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey.

    Haiti is not the most developed country. As such, the conditions of their roads usually result in logistical issues. It can be difficult for trucks to move materials from one place to another. There are even areas where horses will have to carry these materials on their backs.

  • Funding

    The quality of infrastructure prevalent in Haiti is a reflection of the nation’s funds. Lack of funding usually means that the government has no sufficient allocation of budget for the relevant matters, concerning the national development (e.g., industrialization and education).

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