Internet Connectivity Is a Gateway to Alternative Education

Internet Connectivity Is a Gateway to Alternative Education

COVID-19 has affected how we currently live. Governments have been urging people to stay at home. Livelihoods are also affected due to lockdowns and distancing protocols. Because of this, people’s psychological health is under threat. As providers of Psychosocial Evaluation in New Jersey, we can say that this is the case.

Adding to the psychological pressure is the problem of how our children will receive their education. Fortunately, we can use alternative educational methods because of the internet. The internet is useful in our day-to-day lives. Even to us, as providers of Home Base Counseling Services.

However, children in Haiti are not as lucky. If our children here are affected, how much more are the children in Haiti? Haitian internet infrastructure is not sufficient, especially in remote areas, where the poorest people live. The solution is to establish copper or fiber cable connections. Wireless connections can also help. These will help children access educational videos.

Access to the internet is just one way we can help children in Haiti. There are also other aspects of education in Haiti that can use some help. If you want to know more, we at READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc can help you. We are a provider of Clinical Services in Irvington, New Jersey, that also specializes in helping Haiti. Contact us to know more.

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