Lack of Electricity: Affecting Education in Haiti

Lack of Electricity: Affecting Education in Haiti

Haiti is among the poorest nations in the entire world. Most families do not have access to necessities, such as food and clean water. They even do not have access to clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey whenever they are sick. 

  • Electricity: A Huge Problem.

    Due to poverty, the government cannot provide basic services to the entire population. One of them is electricity. Government funding is usually not enough to build power lines that will connect homes to an electrical source.

    Logistically, the transport of various equipment to build such lines is also a problem. With the lack of electricity, various establishments are unable to get enough power to light their places. It might even be hard for them to provide their services like home base counseling services.

  • Electricity and Education.

    The quality of electricity impacts education. In most remote regions, having no electricity means that schools there do not operate similarly with other countries.

    Meanwhile, students doing their homework also have trouble doing so under faint lights. Without bright lights, many usually opt to sleep or do something else, which affects their academic performance.

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