Lack of Qualified Teachers in Haiti

Lack of Qualified Teachers in Haiti

Apart from providing home base counseling services, we at READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc extend our services to Haiti to help raise the lives of its citizens, our less fortunate brothers and sisters. One aspect we are currently focusing on is education or the lack thereof.

Education is not only necessary to gain knowledge but also helps a person be well-adjusted to life and society. Take it from us, because we provide a psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey. Not only will they get jobs that will help them out of poverty, but they will also plant the seed of being good citizens to other people.

To be able to provide a good education, there must be qualified teachers. It has always been the case that qualified professionals must be the ones to provide such to ensure the quality of service. Case in point: providers of clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey, must have qualified professionals as staff.

However, there is currently a lack of qualified teachers in Haiti. According to one report by the United States Institute of Peace, only 60% of teachers have the proper qualifications because most qualified teachers migrate overseas for better lives. And with the lack of decent training facilities for teachers, those who teach subjects like chemistry and physics have no laboratory experience.

If our goal is to help the people of Haiti prosper, we must see to it that its education system get more qualified teachers. If you’re interested in helping us with this goal, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 848-667-9242 or send us an email at

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