The Challenges Involving Technology Development in Haiti

The Challenges Involving Technology Development in Haiti

Haiti remains one of the poorest countries across the globe. Progress toward all aspects of the country’s development has been slow coming. While technology is emerging in many developing countries throughout the world, it is not so in Haiti. Introducing technology remains a challenge in the island, thus delaying digital literacy in many sectors, including education. Therefore, school aged children do not acquire the necessary knowledge in preparation of the jobs demands in this modern world.

  • Poverty
    As mentioned above, Haiti remains a poor country with roughly 80% of its population living in poverty. Some children cannot attend school because their parents do not have the money to pay for tuition or the schools might be distant and no means of transportation available. The schools are not equipped with enough classrooms and academic materials to satisfy the matriculated. This results in overcrowded classrooms, which in turn affect the delivery of instruction and the quality of learning.
  • Lack of social services
    While those concerns blatantly affect the country, there is a lack of social and clinical services available to address the needs of affected communities and impacted families. It is primordial to implement a clinical model like the one operated by READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc. The organization offers a wide range of Home Base clinical services to communities where such services are not readily available. To learn more about our services, feel free to reach out to our staff today.
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