The Effects of COVID-19 in the Haitian Education Sector

The Effects of COVID-19 in the Haitian Education Sector

As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, people often forget about the challenges that underdeveloped countries like Haiti have. This small country in the Caribbean is experiencing economic and political turmoil, and the effects of this deadly pandemic will only make things worse for the 11 million people that live in it.

One of the most affected sectors is education. There is already a desperate need for resources to maintain decent education in Haiti. But, the government and non-profit organizations in Haiti will have to realign resources to fight the current pandemic. People need, more than ever, to avail of medical services, one among the pre-existing problems. It is apparent that children need access to education and social interactions with their peers. Right now, Haitian children need this access to education through study-at-home programs. But they will need resources like decent internet connection and electronic devices to access remote learning and well-trained teachers to deliver the instruction remotely. On top of that, it is important to have access to parents via telephone contacts and emails to monitor students’ progress. However, the majority of homes might be deprived from those services, thus making it difficult for remote instruction to be implemented.

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