The Psychological Toll of COVID-19 in Haitian Education

The Psychological Toll of COVID-19 in Haitian Education

Every website you visit, news channel you watch, or even radio stations you listen to cannot stop talking about COVID-19 and the effects it brings. And rightfully so. Clinical Services in Irvington, New Jersey, have been overwhelmed because of this pandemic. It should be a part of our daily conversation moving forward.

However, as we are debating how to better manage COVID-19 in our country, poorer countries like Haiti are experiencing a different level of struggle. Education, their most valuable tool to fight poverty, is experiencing a different kind of challenge. As a provider of Psychosocial Evaluation in New Jersey, we opine that the effects of this pandemic can cause anxiety and depression in all people, and kids aren’t safe.

When children experience anxiety and depression, their education suffers. Children cannot properly study if they are anxious. Additionally, if they are depressed, their energy levels are affected. This combination of conditions is not impossible, especially during a period of uncertainty. The truth is, it is more likely to happen. The world must help these children get back on track. An ideal situation will be to send a group of mental health experts to assess the problem and propose solutions.

READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc, a leading purveyor of Home Base Counseling Services, is very much involved in getting Haitian children a decent education. Do you want to help us in supporting these children, or have some questions for us? Please contact us, and we will respond to your inquiry.

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