The Role of Education in Developing Countries

The Role of Education in Developing Countries

Despite major progress in recent years, there are still thousands of children who are denied an education. In developing countries like Haiti, education, and home base counseling services are inaccessible to most families. Education, particularly, plays a major role in a country’s development as it boosts economic growth and life expectancy.

As a provider of psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey, we will discuss the important role of education in developing countries:

  • Reduce poverty and economic inequalities.

    According to The World Bank Group, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is Haiti, with a GDP per capita of only $797. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has only exacerbated an already struggling economy. Through education, children are taught basic skills that they can leverage in seeking employment to rise from poverty and promote economic equality among social classes.

  • Increases individual earnings.

    Additionally, access to education enables children to seek higher levels of education to pursue more financially rewarding careers. Through education, children are equipped with the knowledge and skills to increase their individual earnings.

  • Promotes environmental stewardship.

    Overall climate change has increased the frequency of natural disasters that affect developing countries the most. More than that, reduced agricultural output also contributes to poverty and environmental damage. Education can help pave the way to the creation of green industries that employ educated and skilled professionals.

READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc is an established organization offering professional expertise and clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey. We also extend our services to countries like Haiti to address issues like poverty, illiteracy, inadequate housing, and more. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch with us through our contact details found below.

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