What to Know about Housing in Haiti

What to Know about Housing in Haiti

The shelter is one of the basic necessities of man, along with food and clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey, among others. However, many countries are in poverty that a lot of people do not even have shelter. One of these countries is Haiti.

  • Before the Earthquake

    Before the devastating earthquake in 2010, housing in Haiti was already running short. Various services, including home base counseling services, we’re also not well-established yet. As a result, most of the population, especially in rural areas, lived in dwellings with mud floors or walls. The roofs are made from palm leaves or local grasses. There was no electricity, sanitation facilities, nor piped water.

  • After the Earthquake

    The earthquake left a lot of people injured. There are even those who require psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey to cope with what they have experienced.

    Housing was also affected. Lots of families became homeless. Due to the geographical locations, logistical issues came up. These issues make it hard to transport materials to build stronger and earthquake-resistant houses, especially in remote regions. They become very expensive for ordinary families.

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