What You Need to Know About Schools in Haiti

What You Need to Know About Schools in Haiti

Education is not easy to come by in Haiti. In fact, if you are not living there, you wouldn’t be able to imagine the extent of the lack of resources for education in the country. If only the country has more access to various infrastructures and technologies, the people should be able to enjoy better social privileges and quality of living.

Beyond the things that you will learn through psychosocial evaluation in New Jersey regarding the state of education in Haiti, here are the things you need to know:

  • Tuition is a barrier between people and education.

    You should know that most schools in Haiti are run by private institutions. In order for these private institutions to continue running the school, it is essential to charge tuition fees. The majority of the people in Haiti won’t be able to pay tuition, so it is no wonder that they are unable to get high-quality education even if they want to.

  • Waiving tuition should help.

    Nowadays, many organizations offer tuition waiver programs for the children of Haiti. With the tuition waiver program, the students don’t have to worry about the tuition fees levied by their schools. As a result, more and more students enroll each year. Not only that, but they are also able to enroll themselves in the grade appropriate for them.

READ Consultant and Clinical Services Inc and our clinical services in Irvington, New Jersey aims to help improve the standards of living of the people in Haiti. To start off, we want to provide better opportunities for education.

You can be a part of the team that helps the people of Haiti step above the poverty line. Check out our home base counseling services to learn how.

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